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What constitutes BPO?

BPO deals mainly with non-core processes of an organization. Some of these processes have been briefly explained below

  • Administrative support:

    Outsourcing of administrative support functions includes data entry, document conversion, forms processing, document scanning, indexing, secretarial tasks support, etc.

  • Customer relationship management:

    Customer service outsourcing includes outsourcing of functions such as customer support, order taking, customer service, product support, technical help desk, collections and market research.

  • Human resources and training:

    Human resources (HR) is one of the most critical assets of a company and companies need to carry out various tasks such as recruitment, training, attrition/retention, database management, contract-worker management, etc., for their employees. Carrying out these tasks through an internal HR department is costly and diverts the attention of the management from its core business issues. Hence, companies are now resorting to HR outsourcing big time.

  • Medical transcription:

    Medical transcription is writing down medical records dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals. These records include patient history and physical reports, clinic notes, therapeutic procedures, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis, discharge summaries, etc.

  • Sales and marketing (including telemarketing):

    Sale and marketing outsourcing involves delegating parts of sales and marketing functions such as cold calling, email pitches, telephone surveys, lead generation, lead qualifying, appointment setting, sales team management, etc.

Why BPO?

  • Cost reductions
  • Improved service quality
  • Superior competency
  • Access to leading technology
  • More freedom to focus on strategic activities
  • Increased shareholder value
  • Economy of scale
  • Shared risk
  • Opportunity to focus on core business

Why Outsource to us?

  • Focused, process and systems driven approach towards the job at hand makes us the most professionally organized company in the outsourcing environment
  • Utmost knowledge management creates a valuation-driven work environment wherein our clients benefit from our deep domain understanding
  • Being an offshore company catering to US and UK markets for last 5 years, we have created an effective a quality and cost-effective services delivery model
  • Strategically placed to attract the best talent from South Asia especially India to leverage the skilled human resource shortfall in the western economies
  • Competent management team is heading various departments so as to give a leading edge in terms of operational efficiency and productivity
  • Belief in creating highly value-driven work processes so as to create a quantum valuation to the products and services being delivered to our clients
  • Committed to effect substantial cost saving arising out of efficient and good quality products and services leading to better performance of the business models of our clients